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A Special Note From Jacques Auf

Bon nuit femmes belles, je suis Jacques Auf, the dark prince of Drag, the prodigal lovechild of Satan and an actuary named Fran. Join me for a night of gender free debauchery. I want to implore all of you to do thee right thing by the animals, the queers, and the kids, and shake your booty on over to the Living Room Nightclub in Ft Lauderdale (park at the riverfront garage) this Sunday Night at 8pm.

Your $10 door charge buys you a gender blender cocktail, the fantabulous live artwork of renowned lesbian artist Lissette Barros (who will be doing a portrait of Boy George before your eyes), rythmic beats of DJ Meesh, and a Lucky 13 awesome drag acts featuring some awesome talent by the likes of Twat La Rouge, Drag King Blake, and DeVon Scamp along with some of the sexiest freshest funniest drag kings in the South. And you shall get a Gender Blender Cocktail upon entry which will do crazy things to your pheremones and transport you into the happy euphoric state of gender liberation.

While thee charity is all well and good, while there I know you will fall under the spell of my amazing hypno-cock and the power of my seductive suggestion. And then... I know you will want to swallow... the excitement that will follow.

So Mon Cheries, You Better Drag It Out!

Its for chartity you know. All door monies benefit Animal Aid, Safe Schools Coalition, Yes Institute, and the GLCC



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