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Resolve to Drag It Out! This Sunday

2009 is Just around the corner. Happy New Year Everybody.

Most common new year's resolutions can be upheld by coming to Drag It Out! Don't believe me, read on...

1)I resolve to do more cultural things.

How about live gender cabaret and live art by renowned lesbian artist Lissette Barros creating a tribute to everyone's favorite house arrestee, Boy George

2) I resolve to exercise more.

Why not start by shaking yo booty to the spinning stylings of DJ Meesh.
Drag it Out! is the Ideal Place to Work Up a Sweat!

3) I resolve to be more charitable/become a better person

Your $10 door fee benefits Safe Schools, Yes Institute, Animal Aid, and the GLCC - The Kids, The Animals, and the Queers will all appreciate your generosity

4) I resolve to get out there and meet new people

This is THE lesbian social event of the season baby, and the straights and the boys are welcome too. Good vibes and awesome people galore.
Its going to be a blast! Did I mention that there will be hundreds if not thousands of women there, so make your smiling face add to the beauty/handsomeness

5) I resolve to try new things

The Living Room's mixologists have created a special never before served signature drink for this very occasion called a Gender Blender.
Did I mention that you get a free cocktail with the $10 door fee?

6) I resolve to be happier

Welcome to your one night passport to the United States of Gender Euphoria, honey.

7) I resolve to be thriftier/save more money

Hello, free drink with admission, not to mention insanely awesome entertainment all for charity at a bargain basement $10 ? You could spend more money seeing a crappy holiday comedy movie. At 13 phenomenal drag acts, you are seriously spending less than 77 cents per act. That's with a cocktail, dj, and live art thrown in gratis.
Hello! 77 CENTS!!!

8) I resolve to see more beauty in the world.

Did I mention the 10 sexy kings and the hundreds if not thousands of lovely women who will be there?

9) I resolve to laugh more

Our emcees Justin Cider (Tara T) and Twat La Rouge have comedic stylings guaranteed to make even the stodgiest curmudgeon crack a smile and stifle a guffaw.

10) I resolve to drop all of the petty insignificant things in my life and become Jacques Auf's wanton sex slave

Despite the recession and lack of jobs, it seems your dream vacancy is open. The pay is bupkus, but the benefits are incredible. Ladies, see Mr Auf after the show and inquire within.

Happy New Year's Eve Everybody! Stay Safe and I hope to see everybody on Sunday at 8. You can park in the garage at the Las Olas Riverfront if parking is rough.

Drag It Out!
Sunday Jan 4th- 8pm
Living Room Niteclub
300 SW 1st Ave
(On the Las Olas Riverfront), Upper Loft
Ft Lauderdale
da stashe

A Special Note From Jacques Auf

Bon nuit femmes belles, je suis Jacques Auf, the dark prince of Drag, the prodigal lovechild of Satan and an actuary named Fran. Join me for a night of gender free debauchery. I want to implore all of you to do thee right thing by the animals, the queers, and the kids, and shake your booty on over to the Living Room Nightclub in Ft Lauderdale (park at the riverfront garage) this Sunday Night at 8pm.

Your $10 door charge buys you a gender blender cocktail, the fantabulous live artwork of renowned lesbian artist Lissette Barros (who will be doing a portrait of Boy George before your eyes), rythmic beats of DJ Meesh, and a Lucky 13 awesome drag acts featuring some awesome talent by the likes of Twat La Rouge, Drag King Blake, and DeVon Scamp along with some of the sexiest freshest funniest drag kings in the South. And you shall get a Gender Blender Cocktail upon entry which will do crazy things to your pheremones and transport you into the happy euphoric state of gender liberation.

While thee charity is all well and good, while there I know you will fall under the spell of my amazing hypno-cock and the power of my seductive suggestion. And then... I know you will want to swallow... the excitement that will follow.

So Mon Cheries, You Better Drag It Out!

Its for chartity you know. All door monies benefit Animal Aid, Safe Schools Coalition, Yes Institute, and the GLCC


Drag It Out for Charity on January 4

Do you want to help Animals, LGBTQ Teens, and the Gay Community
while having a fun and enlightening nightlife experience at the poshest queer club in South Florida?

(Extra! Extra! Read all about it in next week's Blade)
Drag It Out!
A Gender-Bending Radical Queer Nightlife All for Charity Extravaganza Benefiting
Animal Aid
Safe Schools
Gay and Lesbian Community Center
Yes Institute

Featuring Live Art by Lisette, The spinning stylings of DJ Meesh, and Emcees Twat La Rouge and Justin Cider (Tara T). Special Special Drag Performances from South Florida's Suavest Drag Kings DeVon Scamp and Blake.
Cherry Poppin' Drag King Debuts from Sweet T, AxelRod, Creme, Cayman Cider, Justin Cider,
Jacques Auf (yours truly), Jin-Do, and even more I forget to mention. A 'man' for every mood taste and inclination.

Hell, there's the whole freakshow factor, and the charity part totally justifies it--
come to see me lookin like Jesus, packing, strappin down my G cups flat, sporting a beard, and offending the ladies as the Dark Prince of Drag, the poor Quebecois only child of Beelzebub and an obsessive-complusive actuary named Fran, after he failed to be a cunning linguist as a doctoral student in Semiotics he found his true calling as almost famous rock and roller and titty bar bouncer extrordinaire. His hobbies include rocking out, random acts of unkindness, and having his cock sucked. As an unabashed deconstructor of the dominant male psychosexual paradigms, and breast enthusiast, My Alter-Ego Jacques Auf will be performing an ancient and sacred tounge dance sure to stimulate your loins and fill you with nervous laughter because what you will see cannot be unseen, and a mind (like his amazing hypnotic cock) once blown cannot be un-blown. Admit it, you want to be blown.

Everybody is welcome regardless of gender, orientation, or mood. Its all good fun and great vibes.

If you are thinking about an unforgettable LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY GIFT, how about Pre-Tickets just $10
Contact me (I am on Miami Beach now so Dade people OHAI) or email Tab at tm@tabathamudra.com to get your paws on them
This includes a Gender Blender cocktail at the door. I have no idea what is in it, but its all good. But not half as good as your recipient will feel knowing that their awesome super good time gift benefits the kids, the animals, and the queers.

So Bois & Babes & Everyone In-Between, you know what you have to do- be there or be eternally sorry. All of the door charges go directly to charity, this is all about love, not making money.

Drag It Out!
Sunday Jan 4th- 8pm
Living Room Niteclub
300 SW 1st Ave
(On the Las Olas Riverfront), Upper Loft
Ft Lauderdale

Feel free to forward this liberally and gather a posse for this too cool for school all for charity event.


A Moment in Drag King History

For All You Drag King Afficianados. Did you know that in the 1930 big Hollywood film Morrocco, iconic androgyne Marlene Dietrich performs a song in drag AND kisses a woman on the mouth? Yes 1930. Yes, really.

Come make local history with the Southern Tip Kings on Jan 4, 2009 at the Living Room Niteclub. All of your $10 entry goes to charity.